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Dog Walking

Dog walking service st albans hertfordshire


Dog Walking Services

Being a pet owner often calls for hard work and determination as you have to dedicate a lot of time to your pet. The reality is that you may be under a tight schedule at work hence there is not enough time to spend with your dog.

This is where you need to think about hiring a professional dog walker for your dog walking service. Dogs need to walk and exercise so as to stay healthy and if you are unable to do this, Bubbles & Barks dog walking services may particularly be of great help.


Bubbles & Barks Dog Walking Services

Bubbles & Barks offer dog walking services for St Albans & surrounding areas of Hertfordshire such as, Harpenden, Wheathamstead, Hatfield, Radlett & Redbourn.:-

Once a day walks

Twice a day walks

Half hour walks

One hour walks

Cater for 3 small/medium dogs per walk

Cater for 2 large dogs per walk

To find out more about our Dog Walking prices, please go to our DOG WALKING PRICING page


Call Bubbles & Barks On 07876 635 328


Finding A Great Dog Walking Service

Bubbles & Barks Love Dog Walking, the internet provides a great place where you can easily locate dog walking service Dog walking service hertfordshireproviders. All you need to do is to locate one that is in your neighbourhood. The advantage of this is that you will probably get more information or feedback from a neighbour who has used the service before. An extra word from a third party can help in assessing the services offered by the dog walker. See our pet sitting, dog grooming & dog walking Testimonials HERE.

Here at Bubbles & Barks we know as dog walkers what to do if certain issues arise during a dog walking session. For instance, there are situations where, while walking the dog, one may need to lift the dog or offer assistance in passing through some areas. Moreover, we are able to handle situations where the dog gets an injury.


Call Bubbles & Barks On 07876 635 328


Bubbles & Barks Cater For All Breeds of Dogs

Since every breed of dog is different in various ways, a Bubbles & Barks dog walker will be well versed with the specific needs and behaviours of various breeds. Particularly the breed you have if you want to hire a dog walking service. This will be essential especially in situations where your dog attacks another animal or vice versa. We will be able to keep things in control.

Contact us to find out more about our DOG WALKING SERVICE