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Dog Grooming Your Puppy Is So Important

Dog grooming refers to the things you do to make your dog look and feel good physically. This can be done either by bathing, clipping the nails, etc. As a dog owner, it is important to know that grooming your puppy is so important not only for your dog but for you as well. Although not all dogs and puppies are used to good grooming, it just takes getting used to.

This Is Yogi After His First Dog Grooming Session

Puppy Dog Grooming Yogi


Yogi is 20 weeks old so it is very important that owners introduce their dogs to grooming at an early age. In fact, Yogi was a bit overwhelmed at first and did not like the noise of the hair dryer but by the end of his grooming session he adjusted very well to the whole experience. Yogi will be a lot better next time and will get used to been groomed every two months. Yogi is a soft coated wheated terrier.


First, dog grooming can not only make your dog good-looking but also clean-looking. Since your dog is clean, he or she can be free from the attacks of fleas and germs, etc. This would prevent diseases and illnesses from attacking your dog as well as you and your whole family. You don’t want your dog to be sick so it is important to make sure your dog is properly groomed all the time. Also, a good-looking dog is something that the owner can be proud of because it reflects your own personality as well. Owners of clean and good-looking dogs are perceived as clean and responsible owners.

Second, puppy or dog grooming can make your dog feel comfortable. Just as you feel comfortable and relaxed after a good bathe, dogs can also feel comfortable after a bathe because all the germs are removed from their body. A comfortable dog is good to hang out with and you can be assured that when a dog is comfortable, you won’t see him or her feeling itchy and not in the mood.

Dog Grooming Session No:2 For Freddie

Freddie Bichon Westie Cross Breed Before  Freddie Bichon Westie After

Finally, when your dog is clean, good-looking and comfortable, you have yourself a happy dog and that is all thanks to dog grooming.


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