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Dog Grooming Advice With Before & After Dog Grooming Pics

Dog grooming is such an important factor in making sure your dog stays nice, lovely and groomed looking but also so that your dog can stay at it’s optimum best health.

Did you know that by not having your dog groomed can really affect the way your dog feels, behaves and most importantly your dog’s health. By not having your dog groomed on a regular basis, your dog can develop emotional behaviours and can be at risk of quite severe skin infections that can be passed onto humans.

This is how Bruno looked prior to being groomed when he came into our Bubbles and Barks dog grooming salon in St Albans. It is clear to see that his coat hasn’t been looked after with regular brushing to remove the dead hair, therefore Bruno’s new hair has grown into his old hair forming clumps of matted hair.

Dog Grooming Pic Of Bruno Before

Bruno Before Dog Grooming 2

Even though Bruno seemed a happy and healthy dog and very cute to look at, this was not entirely the case.  Bruno’s coat was very matted and once I started to clip back Bruno’s matted hair, it became clear that Bruno’s skin was quite inflamed beneath.

This dog grooming session took 3 full hours to complete but Bruno was so well behaved and after a lovely conditioning bath Bruno looked so much happier to be free of those matted clumps of hair.

Here’s Bruno after his dog grooming session and he looks so much better and healthier.

Dog Grooming Pic Of Bruno After

Bruno After Dog Grooming 1

When we’re owners of dogs we all have the best intention to keep up with grooming our dogs at home but life gets busy with family, work and just life in general and it’s hard to always keep up with grooming your dog. That’s why it’s best to take your dog on a regular basis to a dog groomers like our Bubbles & Barks dog grooming salon in Sandridge St Albans Herts.

It’s great to see your cute little face now Bruno – Bruno will be coming back for regular dog grooming sessions in future.

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